Android Application Development

At GIDS, our Android applications division concentrates on offering development solutions for the Android platform. We offer wide range of Android application development solutions, which are built with using the capabilities of the Android SDK. We also provide our clients the opportunity to hire our team of developers on project basis or alternately dedicated developers who can work on the client’s specified project and as per their guidelines.

Our team of expert designs high quality Android application development solutions where they first discover the different concepts and understand the framework before creating an Android application. Our Android developers have all the skills and complete understanding of the various industry tools to develop, test, implement and deploy software for the platform.

  • Our developers can analyze, understand and accordingly create the requisite framework
  • They possess complete knowledge and experience of different tools including Android SDK and Framework APIs
  • Our developers use a variety of techniques including QUME based emulator, SQLiteDatabse, Java Programming Language, Android Security architecture and Trace/View testing