Employee Management System

Organizations succeed when they continuously nourish the top performers and improve (or weed out) the poor performers. The big challenges of following this strategy are identifying the real performers, provide a competitive compensation to retain & motivate them and improve employee skills & competencies to maintain the business competitiveness. GIDS’s Employee Management System can help you meet these big challenges of improving employee performance.

GIDS Performances Management System is an integrated web-based tool to improve organizational
performance by setting SMART Goals for employee,
evaluating employee performance, recommending highly competitive compensation plans, managing employee trainings & development and promoting right employees to critical positions.

Based on globally followed HR practices and principles, this performance management system provides right tools to engage employees in productive work, help employee achieve their goals, bring objectivity & transparency in employee evaluations, manage employee trainings, manage employee compensations, promotion and careers.

Benefits of GIDS Employee Management System :

  • Highly Affordable: Our pricing is based on per employee login making it highly affordable for all types of organizations.
  • No Extra Expenses: No need to purchase expensive hardware and software or hire IT resource.
  • Saves Transaction Time: The work-flows in Performance Management System allows automatic assignment of tasks to relevant employees.
  • Reporting and analysis tools in Performance Management System simplifies the large employee performance data into ready-to-use, customizable reports that can be used for business analysis or making human resource decisions.
  • Web-based and easy to use: GIDS performance management system is web-based which can be accessed through Internet or company Intranet.