Supply Chain Management

GIDS provides solutions that enable organizations to effectively manage their supply chain network resulting in reduced cost and inventories and increased profitability. Through our solutions, all supply chain data and information such as customer orders, inventory levels, forecasts etc is stored in a centralized database from where it can be accessed by all concerned parties i.e. manufacturers, suppliers thereby ensuring data consistency across the network. At GIDS, our supply chain management consultants help clients in customizing and tailoring supply chain solutions to suit the individual business requirements.


The supply chain management solutions implemented by GIDS provide the following benefits to organizations:


  • Enables organizations to make better and informed decisions, such as forecasting demand and supply, through a better understanding of the supply chain processes.
  • Streamlines business processes leading to increased productivity and improved performance.
  • Provides for faster response time thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Global supply chain management systems enable real-time exchange of data and information between concerned parties in the supply chain network.
  • Enables organizations to efficiently monitor status of inventories ensuring that orders for the right quantities are placed.
  • The movement of goods can be tracked at all times ensuring on time and safe delivery of products.
  • A supply chain management solution helps in increasing inventory turnover resulting in reduced costs of products.
  • Offers mechanisms for better and effective communication between supply chain partners.
  • Reduces paper work and administration costs as orders are placed and accessed electronically.
  • Reduces errors arising from the manual way for recording and tracking data and processes.